Electrical Services

Repairs and Renovations

All faults are dangerous and require a qualified electrician to fix them: Lights and Fuses blowing; No hot water; lights flickering fittings buzzing

​Update the bathroom fan, power sockets, replacing light fittings.  Appliance cords and plugs. Cords become frayed, cracked or damaged which is dangerous and may result in fire or cause an electric shock.

Special Electrical Upgrades

Upgrade switchboard $950: Pricing is based on an average 3-4 bedroom home; High quality materials and the work is guaranteed; Power points and switches replaced for $950

LED Downlights

You save power bills, reduce waste and also increase the safety level. Not only do new LEDs offer savings and environmental benefits, they will also instantly add a modern clean look to your home. Downlights are straight forward to install epecially if replacing all at once.

Hot water cylinder

If your hot water cylinder suddenly stops working we can replace elements, thermostats, and fuses to get you back up and running. Hot water cylinder energy-saving tips from us. 1. Switch off your cylinder while you are away on holiday.  2. The temperature should be between 55°C and 60°C.  If you want this tested or adjusted, we can help.


Kiwi homes older than 1970 need an update when it comes to wiring due to both age and coping with today’s electrical demands. A home rewire will prevent issues leading to device malfunction, fire, electric shock. Once rewired, the house is safer and future-proofed. We supply a Certificate of Compliance.

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